1. Every order is a custom made to order request.
  2. Once your order is produced all sales are final. You have 24 hours to cancel but will require a 20% restocking fee. Be sure your order is correct before check out.
  3. If we haven't produced your order yet, and you would like to make a change you must do so immediately. You may contact us at with your full name and order number.
  4. If you receive your package and you see damage on the package TAKE PICTURES AND VIDEO RIGHT AWAY. These pictures and videos will be used in a claim in the case your windows are also damaged in same location under the cardboard. You can email them to Please include your full name, order number, and description of your situation.
  5. All windows should be test fit once the customer has opened the package to assure all is correct and no mistakes have been made. 
  6. If for any reason your lexan windows do not fit correctly into its designated location, TAKE PICTURES AND VIDEO RIGHT AWAY BEFORE YOU REMOVE THE LEXAN PROTECTIVE FILM. ONCE THE FILM IS REMOVED FROM WINDOW IT IS UNRETURNABLE!
  7. Only returns that will be accepted are mistakes that we made on our end. PICTURES AND VIDEOS OF FITMENT ISSUES OR DAMAGE ARE NEEDED!
  8. Always double check your order before checkout to ensure that you have selected the correct chassis and material desired.