Question: Are windows formed?

Answer: Nope. All windows are flat and take shape once installed.

Question: How do you recommend to install?

Answer: Its entirely up to you. Any method of install works as long as its done properly. Our customers have used window glue, rivnuts with allen head bolts, rivets and even industrial velcro with greats results. 

Question: Can I use OEM moldings?

Answer: Yes. Slight modifications may be necessary on moldings. 

Question: Can door windows be attached to regulators and function like oem?

Answer: Yes. Customer must source or fabricate window brackets to be able to attach to window regulators. You may need to assist the window into the upper rubber seal when rolling up to get the window to seal.

Question: Does polycarbonate scratch easily?

Answer: Yes. Although the material is virtually unbreakable, our regular material can scratch quite easily. If you want a scratch RESISTANT , you can upgrade to the Marguard (MR10) we offer.